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R. Scott Bakker

The Second Apocalypse Book Series


Series Finale

The Unholy Consult

"The Unholy Consult" is tremendously satisfying character moments, Bakker's best-ever action scenes and, in the final chapter, possibly Bakker's most powerfully effective pieces of prose to date.  

- The Wertzone

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Canadian author Bakker’s impressive, challenging debut, the first of a trilogy, should please those weary of formulaic epic fantasy. Bakker’s utterly foreign world, Eärwa, is as complex as that of Tolkien, to whom he is, arguably, a worthier successor... 

– Publishers Weekly


R. Scott Bakker’s Prince of Nothing high fantasy trilogy rolls to a rousing conclusion in this full-bodied volume. The Thousandfold Thought brings to fruition what has been prophesied, but this truly epic novel also contains stunning, completely unexpected reversals. Mythos, magic, and action.

–Barnes and Noble

The Great Ordeal"  fairly seethes with intelligence, action and revelation and is a worthwhile continuation of the smartest epic fantasy of our generation. It is also grim and challenging in a manner that won't do much to resolve Bakker's reputation as the most divisive author in modern fantasy.

- The Wertzone


About R. Scott Bakker

R. Scott Bakker  is the author of seven critically acclaimed books. The 'Prince of Nothing' trilogy that Publishers Weekly calls “a work of unforgettable power,” and the Aspect-Emperor novels. He lives in London, Ontario, with his wife, Sharron, and his daughter, Ruby.

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